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Today marks an extremely awesome day for us!!

We are celebrating Roderick Strong’s birthday and our site’s Second Anniversary. We are so excited to be bringing in another year with The Undisputed Messiah of the Backbreaker. As we look back on our journey. we want to also explain in a little depth of why we do what we do. Why the site is here, why we chose Roderick and what the meaning is behind the design of our layout.

As we were stating earlier, Roddy is the person who has a pure heart of gold. He’s an amazing father and friend. As a huge fan of not only him but his work, we felt the need to give him what he once had, but didn’t anymore. He needed his own space that gave his fans the opportunity to follow his career up close and personal. A space to see photos and videos that would otherwise be hard to view.
With that in mind, we began the journey of gathering as much as we could. We wanted to focus on the now first. He was in NXT and we wanted to focus on that first. Once that was completed, we started the search for earlier content. This content we want to ensure is up to par because we want to give the best content we can.

So we have had a few layouts and never decided to give an insight into it until now. We chose to use gold and grey due to the new colors that Undisputed ERA sports now. I feel that these colors bring out the fun and dominant side of Roderick. The gold brings a sense of calmness and sunshine, just like Roddy but when you get him riled up he is definitely the gloomy grey color that we had incorporated. As far as the gallery, we chose green because it was a color that we felt described Roddy’s energy. We’ve used green before but we went lighter this time. We hope that you all enjoy what’s to come.

We want to take time to talk to Roderick. The year was 2017 and it was TakeOver Chicago and you came through the audience and attacked Sanity. I was watching with my friend and was like, Who is that? My friend was like his name is Roderick Strong. From then on I was amazed. I wasn’t around for your early career, but that just gives me more to post for Strong Saturdays. Strong Saturdays is a day where we take a look back at a certain match or video and give our thoughts on it. Maybe Roddy will give his feelings about that particular video as well.

Roderick has shown us that hard work really does pay off. Roddy you have given me a new sense of what I love. I have been watching wrestling since I was a little girl. The Attitude Era in WWE was what I watched. When The Rock left wrestling, I saw it as an amazing opportunity for him to be doing movies but I also wanted to see him in the ring. After that, I was still watching wrestling, but not all into it. I just watched to support. Until my friend Brit introduced me to NXT. I was not watching it at the time. Since then, I have been hooked. NXT is really that show to watch. Amazing stories and wrestling. Roddy gave me wrestling again. He gave me the energy to watch the craft for what it is. I own other sites, but this site means so much. The fact that I can give you a place where you can see only your legacy is cool. I never thought that I would get noticed by you. I was so scared that you would ignore me. My friend Brit was like just ask him. He seems nice enough, lol. I was like ok. I tweeted and got off twitter so fast. But then you followed. That was the highlight for me. I can’t ever repay you for all the amazing things you do. You are a true angel and I couldn’t be more honored than to be behind the scenes of RoderickStrong.com and Strong Images. I opened this site today, two years ago because I wanted to show you how it is nothing but an hour and privilege to give you this gift. I hope you enjoy your birthday and hope that you continue to support the site. I love you Roddy 🙂

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