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Roderick Strong comes out and he wants to say something. He says he knows what William Regal said. You can fine him if you want. Roderick says he is not done with Bobby Roode. You talk about the NXT Title. This is not about the NXT Title. This is about you disrespecting his fiance and his family. This is about you disrespecting him as a man. Roderick says he is calling out Bobby. This is not about the title or Brooklyn. Roode says this is about a fight. He says he wants to fight Bobby. Roderick asks if he is man enough.
Roode tells Strong to shut up. If you want a fight, he is not afraid of Strong. Roode says he will put his title on the line. If you want a fight, you got a fight. All you have to do is go through Drew McIntyre first. If you beat Drew next week, he will see him after Takeover.
Regal says he is the one who makes the matches.
Drew says to make the match. He knows the games that Bobby is trying to play. Drew says he will fight anybody, anywhere, any time. You will not have the title after Brooklyn. He will fight Roderick next week and then four days later, he will beat Bobby Roode.
Bobby says everyone is so enthralled with “We Are NXT” Drew and Roderick want the match. Bobby says the people want the match. We are NXT so make the the match Mr. Regal.
Regal says he is all about giving the NXT Universe what they want so next week, Drew McIntyre faces Roderick Strong and if Strong wins, he faces Roode after Takeover.

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