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Eric Young w/SAnity vs Rodrick Strong

As Young is in the ring waiting for Strong, Strong appears behind Dain and pushes him into the ring post. Strong picks up Wolfe and back breakers him on the barricade. Strong tosses Young to the outside. Young pushes Strong into the barricade. Young rolls Strong into the ring. Young eats a dropkick by Strong. Belly to back suplex by Young. Young stomps on Strong. Swinging neck breaker by Young for a two count. Young locks in a neck vice. Strong tries to fight out of it but Young sends him into the corner. Strong surprises Young with a running clothesline. Multiple elbows by Strong. Strong whips Young into the corner but Young flips over the top rope. Strong kicks Young in the head. Strong trips Young. Dain cross body blocks Strong while the referee is distracted.

Young stomps on Strong. Young sits on the top rope and puts Strong in a dragon sleeper. Flying strike to Strongs back by Young. Young chokes Strong on the bottom rope. Wolfe kicks Strong in the head while the referee is distracted once again. The numbers game is becoming a serious issue. Young puts Strong in another neck vice. Strong tries to fight back up to his feet but Young drops him with a stiff back elbow. Young dives off the top but Strong catches him with a dropkick midair. Strong hits a backbreaker followed by a high running knee in the corner. Young stumbles out of the corner. Strong picks up Young and hits the C-9! Young rolls out of the ring. Young trips Strong. Young picks up Strong and blasts him with the wheelbarrow neck breaker on the floor!

Young rolls Strong into the ring for a pin attempt. Strong somehow kicks out! Young pounds on Strong. Young mounts the top rope. Strong tries to cut him off. Young knocks Strong off the top rope. Massive top rope flying elbow drop by Young. It isn’t enough to keep Strong down for the three count. young sets up the wheelbarrow neck breaker but Strong reverses it into a pin. Dain and Wolfe get on the apron but Strong knocks them both off. Strong almost hit the Angle slam but Young racks Strong’s eyes. Strong tries to superplex Young but Young fights Strong off. Strong kicks Young off the top rope. Young lands on Dain and Wolfe. Young gets in the ring and Strong almost knee strikes his head off his shoulders. Strong picks up Young for a suplex and twist Young into a release double knee back breaker for the win!

Winner- Roderick Strong

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