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No Way Jose, Roderick Strong, and Tye Dillinger are asked about their match. Strong says the numbers game is no longer in Sanity’s favor. Tye says that they will find out that you don’t play a numbers game with the Perfect 10.

Match Number Three: No Way Jose, Roderick Strong, and Tye Dillinger versus Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe (with Nikki Cross)

They brawl outside the ring before the bell rings. Dain is sent into the ring and Strong with forearms. Dain runs Strong into the corner and connects with shoulders. Wolfe tags in and he punches Strong. Wolfe with European uppercuts but Strong with a chop. Dillinger tags in and he punches Wolfe and connects with a knee drop. Jose tags in and he slams Wolfe and gets a near fall. Jose sends Wolfe into the turnbuckles and Strong tags back in. Strong with a knee and back breaker. Strong punches Wolfe. Dillinger tags in and he kicks Wolfe and stomps on the ankle.

Dillinger chops Wolfe and Strong tags in and he connects with a forearm and he shows how to chop. Wolfe with a punch and European uppercut. Strong leaps over Wolfe and he hits a drop kick on Wolfe and then Dain on the apron. Strong with a corkscrew pescado onto Wolfe and Young.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jose with an Irish whip and side slam to Wolfe for a near fall. Young tags in and he punches Jose in the back. Young sends Jose into the turnbuckles. Young runs into an elbow and Jose with a clothesline. Dillinger tags in and Young tags Wolfe back in. Dillinger sends Wolfe to the mat and he looks at Young. Jose tags back in and he stomps on the arm. Jose with punches in the corner. Jose with an Irish whip but he is sent to the apron. Jose with a punch to Wolfe and then he knocks Young off the apron. Cross grabs the leg and Wolfe knocks Jose off the apron.

Dain tags in and he sends Jose back into the ring. Dain kicks Jose and the referee has to pull Dain off Jose. Dain with a forearm to the back followed by an elbow drop to the chest. Dain with a leaping elbow drop. Wolfe tags in and Dain with a shoulder and Wolfe with a running European uppercut. Wolfe gets a near fall. Wolfe with a rear chin lock but Jose gets to his feet for a moment. Jose with a jawbreaker and then both men go for clotheslines and both men go down. Young tags in and he knocks Dillinger off the apron. Jose with a back body drop and Strong tags in. Strong with a clothesline and punches. Strong wtih a jumping knee to knock Dain off the apron. Strong with a back breaker to Young and then Wolfe. Strong with a running knee and then he hits a belly-to-belly gourdbuster but Dain breaks it up.

Dillinger kicks Dain but Wolfe stops Dillinger. Jose goes after Wolfe and then the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Jose spears Wolfe through the ropes. Dain goes after Jose. Dillinger kicks Young in the corner and then he pulls down the knee pad. Nikki Cross attacks Dillinger and chokes him.

Ruby Riot makes her way to the ring and she spears Nikki and hits a flapjack and an enzuigiri. Dillinger Irish Whips Young over the top rope to the floor. Jose with a pop up punch and clothesline to Wolfe. Dain pushes Jose and Dillinger away. Dillinger and Jose with punches and strong with a running knee into the corner. Jose with a clothesline and Dillinger super kicks Dain to the floor.

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