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We are back and Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring for something to say.

Roderick says he wants to be honest with you because the last seven or eight months have been a roller coaster for him. He is in NXT, he has a beautiful fiance and baby boy at home. He opened up to all of you about something he has been ashamed of because he did not want to be judged. He has been accepted with open arms and he thanks everyone. When he first came here, he came for one reason, the NXT Championship. Roderick says his life has never been better but there is one thing he wants and one thing he needs, the NXT Championship.

Strong says it is no longer Roddy versus the World, it is Roddy, Marina, and Tory versus the World. That motivates Roderick to be better and to be the WWE Champion.

Bobby Roode’s music plays and he comes to the stage. Roode wipes away fake tears from his eyes. Roode says that was such an emotional story and he was pulling on the heart strings. You are standing in an NXT ring in front of the NXT Universe. You must be proud. You are winning matches, finally. You have a marginally hot fiance. Your son is relatively normal so you should be proud.

Roode says he gets it that Strong wants to be on the marquee with the champ. Diapers are expensive. You want to play the Bobby Roode lottery. You spend your hard earned money and hope to hit the numbers to get out of the trailer park and move to the mansion on the hill. That is not how it works in his NXT. You don’t wave a wand and get a title match. Roode says you are a good hand so he tells Strong to stay in his lane. Maybe one day, they can take a selfie together and you can show it to your little guy and say ‘here is the champ, and your dad.’ Roode tells Strong not to play the Bobby Roode lottery because you are not man enough to win. Roode wishes Strong the best of luck.

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